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cotton mill / Pordenone / 1842/1919 - 1984 / 2009


A first cotton processing plant was established here in 1842 by Beloz&Blanc, a Trieste-based company. In 1895 the site was taken over by Cotonificio Veneziano, a Venice-based cotton manufacturing company. In 1910 the original six-story building was replaced by a more functional complex, horizontally developed - the present one. This new factory was equipped with 60000 spindles on 82 ring machineries and 8 selfacting ones. Partially destroyed by a fire in 1916, the mill was rebuilt and enlarged, reaching a number of employees equal to 1071, of which 916 were women. After the Second World War Cotonificio Veneziano was taken over by SNIA Viscosa, a leading man-made fibers corporation already controlling several cotton processing sites. The factory remained operational until 1984.








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