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fibre cement factory / Broni / 1929 - 1998 / 2008


This fibre-cement factory was established in 1929 by Società Cementifera Italiana, a company dating back to 1908 which was already running a nearby cement plant. In 1937 the trademark Fibronit – recalling the name of the hosting city Broni – was created to identify the company's fibre-cement products (pipes, roofing and cladding), here produced under the license of engineer Alessandro Magnani and the management of Francesco Milanese and Vincenzo Musso. In the same year the company name was changed into Società Cementifera Italiana Fibronit. The successful Italian version of the world famous Eternit ruled the national market during the whole economic miracle of the 1950s-60s. This led to the enlargement and improvement of the Broni factory as well as the complete reconstruction of the ancient nearby cement plant with updated technologies. In the 1980s the latter was sold to Italcementi while the fibre-cement plant remained under the control of Fibronit, meanwhile transformed into a holding company. In 1992, after the approval of the national law 257 which prohibited any industrial activity involving asbestos fibers, Fibronit planned to close the Broni plant within a couple of year. However, an asbestos-free production was carried on until 1998 by a subsidiary called Ecored. With more than 700 former Fibronit workers already died because of long exposure to asbestos fibers, the city of Broni is paying today the high price of its prosperous economic past.