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cement plant / Albino / 1886 - 1996 / 2007, 2008, 2013 / ITALCEMENTI Alzano / ITALCEMENTI Palazzolo


This cement plant was built in 1886 by Società Giacinto Guffanti. It was equipped with six Dietzsch shaft kilns for natural cement. Taken over by the Bergamo-based Società Fabbriche Riunite Cemento e Calce (from 1927 Italcementi) in 1921, the factory was updated to artificial cement production - being amongst the first in Italy. The first Smith rotary kiln (60000 t/y) was activated in 1925, using the wet process. A second, similar kiln was added in 1956, leading to a total capacity of 130000 t. Temporarily stopped in 1966 because of market crisis, the cement plant went back on stream in 1969 and reached its record of 183000 t of clinker. Nevertheless, the impossibility to further upgrade the plant due to the lack of space led to a definitive production stop in 1976. The area was used as grinding plant until 1996.














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