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cement plant / Ozzano Monferrato / 1894 - 1964 / 2010, 2012 / MILANESE & AZZI Casale


On this site a set of three limekilns was firstly established in 1894 by Napoleone Lucca and Giuseppe Mezzena. In 1908 the business was sold to a Bergamo-based company called Società Anonima Cementi Portland e Calci di Valle Seriana, which provided to transform the factory into a natural Portland cement plant. In 1911 the old limekilns were replaced by a couple of Dietzsch vertical shaft kilns. After a forced stop in 1914-18 the site was taken over by Milanese & Azzi, a cement manufacturing company based in the nearby city of Casale Monferrato. Four new Dietzsch shaft kilns were added to the existing ones, while a ropeway was created to connect local quarries to the factory itself. During the 1930s natural cement begun to decline in favor of artificial clinker, manufactured in rotating kilns. One of the latter was installed here in 1947. The new facility – 87 mt long and 2,75 mt of diameter – had a daily capacity of 200 t. Unfortunately, it never came into operation and production was thus limited to shaft kilns – 2520 t in 1948. The factory was definitively closed in 1964. Being one of the best preserved natural cement plant in Italy, this has been recently included into a regional industrial heritage and landscape museum project.







How the site looked like in 2012, after a 70% demolition which spared just the shaft kilns battery.






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