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fertilizers factory / Porto Marghera (Venezia) / 1924 - 1993 / 2005, 2007


A fertilizers factory was here established in 1924 by Società Veneta Fertilizzanti (controlled by Montecatini chemical firm). Until the 1950s this plant used to be one of the largest in the whole country, producing superphosphate (simple and triple), sulphuric acid and pyrite ash briquettes. Between 1960 and 1970 the southern part of the complex was completely renovated to host the production of diammonium phosphate and complex fertilizers (NPK, Nitrogen + Phosphorus + Potassium). Thus, a couple of impressive reinforced concrete parabolic silos were built to host fertilizers. After the Montecatini and Edison merger into Montedison (1966) the plant was assigned to the fertilizer division of the latter, DIPA-Divisione Prodotti per l'Agricoltura. During the 1970s-80s the site was run by Fertimont first and Agrimont later, two subsidiaries of Montedison. In 1991 the "Complessi" plant - the last operative one among the former Montedison fertilizers complex in Porto Marghera - was sold to EniChem (ENI Group chemical division). Two years later the factory was definitively closed. Today the area and preserved buildings (parabolic and cylindrical silos) are waiting to be reconverted into a science and technology park.












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