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dye works / Galliate / 1890 - 2001 / 2007, 2010


The town of Galliate used to be the home of Manifattura Rossari & Varzi, a defunct cotton manufacturing company which run a group of factories within Galliate and surroundings. Each of them was devoted to a specific working step in cotton making: the one at issue was a bleaching and finishing plant. Differently from other sites, which were located into town, this one was established in the countryside close to water sources such as irrigation canals (bleaching needs a lot of water). In 1950s the factory was enlarged to host a dying unit. In 1970 Manifattura Rossari & Varzi went bankruptcy and the site was taken over by a private investor and so run by a new company, TST-Tintoria Stamperia Tessuti (an integrated dye- and printworks). Activities were concentrated in the larger and more recent building leaving the old one decaying. In 2001 TST went bankruptcy in turn and the site was abandoned.