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sinter plant / Duisburg / 1957 - 1983 / 2006


A sinter plant is an industrial facility in which iron ore dust is agglomerated through high temperatures to form irregular nodules usable in blast furnaces. This massive sinter plant was built in 1957 by Phoenix-Rheinrohr AG Vereinigte Hütten- und Röhrenwerke, the owner of Ruhrort blast furnaces. Both the company and the sinter plant were taken over by August Thyssen-Hütte (ATH) in 1964, which already controlled the nearby Bruckhausen and Meiderich blast furnaces. The sinter capacity of the plant was improved up to 4000 t/d. During the 1970s ATH was transformed into a conglomerate, i.e. e multi-industry group. In 1983 steelmaking division was spun off and the sinter plant, replaced by newer facilities, was closed down.