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chemical fiber factory / Sokal / 1970 - 1996 / 2011


Man-made fiber industry has played a key role in the development of USSR chemical industry between the 1930s and 1960s, although characterized by a significant lag in terms of technology and production size compared to western countries. Among cellulosic fibers, viscose accounted for more than 60% of the total chemical fiber production (until 1985). The Sokal viscose plant was the last one of its kind to came on line in the entire USSR. Construction began in 1963-64 and lengthen for several years. The factory went in operation only in 1970, producing mainly staple for textile industry and, in smaller amounts, tire cord for industrial purposes. A carbon disulfide plant (60.000 t/y) designed by the Italian company SNIA Viscosa was added in 1976. After the collapse of USSR most of the man-made fiber factories here located were gradually closed due to the fast rise of production costs (high energy consumption and low production rate caused by worn out equipment). At Sokal, viscose production ceased definitively in 1996.












Sokal city archive / historic pictures (construction of the plant and early production)