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ferromanganese smelter / Cairo Montenotte / 1972 - 2094 / 2009, 2010


This ferromanganese smelter was established in 1972 by Elettrosiderurgica Italiana, a subsidiary company of Tassara group, a major ferroalloys and steel producer. The location in the western Ligurian inland was chosen due to the vicinity to the large Cokitalia coke plant – coke is a basic fuel in ferromanganese smelting – as well as to major seaports of Savona and Genoa. The smelter was operating with a submerged-arc furnace of 19000 kVA (later increased up to 22000 kVA) designed by Angelo Doro Manara, chief engineer of Tassara. The overall capacity was around 37000 t/y. In 1994 the smelter was sold to a leading ferromanganese producer, the French Comilog. Due to a sector crisis and subsequent company restructuring the furnace was turned off in 2001, leaving just storage activities until 2004.