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cement plant / Castellavazzo / 1912 - 1978 / 2009


This factory was established in 1912 by Società Calce Bellunese. Equipped with two Mannstaedt shaft kilns, it was supplied by a local quarry through aerial ropeway. In 1943 the plant was taken over by Unione Cementi Marchino, which soon provided to set up a small rotary kiln. In the 1950s the factory was able to produce about 200 t per day of concrete, which was mainly used in the construction of several infrastructures within the region (dams, road tunnels, hydroelectric power plants). The Vajont Dam disaster - which caused more than 2000 deaths on 9th october 1963 a few km away from the cement plant - signed the end of dams construction. Without such a market the cement plant became useless. Unicem - which replaced Unione Cementi Marchino in 1969 - had to choose between an expensive renovation or significant investments in new factories, better located and technologically more advanced. The choice went for the second, and the Castellavazzo plant was mothballed in 1974 and definitively closed four years later.