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sugar mill / Ceggia / 1929 - 2001 / 2009 / ERIDANIA Codigoro / ERIDANIA Sarmato / ERIDANIA Ferrara


This sugar mill was built in 1929 by Eridania Zuccherifici Nazionali, the largest Italian sugar manufacturing company at the time. The operation was perfectly in line with the fascist government guidelines in matter of national self-sufficiency and agricultural transformation of wetlands. The early beet processing capacity of the sugar mill was about 1000 t/d, and more or less the same number of people were employed seasonally. In late 1940s the factory was updated reaching a daily capacity of 1600 t. During the following decades the sugar mill had to face for several times a foresaw closure. The 1984 national sugar industry plan, aiming to decrease the number of existing factories, led Eridania to dispose some of its older plants, Ceggia included. After a seven months -long occupation by the workers the factory was reactivated and refurbished. In 1987 the overall capacity reached 3300 t/d. The sugar mill ceased its activity in 2001.