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sugar mill / Ceggia / 1899 - 1974/ 2009 / ERIDANIA Sarmato / ERIDANIA Ceggia / ERIDANIA Ferrara


The Codigoro sugar mill is one of the oldest still existing in Italy and the very first one run by Eridania. Both the factory and the company, in fact, were created in 1899. The decision to locate the first sugar mill right in Codigoro was taken due to the availability of plots owned by Società Anonima "La Codigoro", one of the early shareholders of Eridania. The factory initial raw sugar capacity was around 600 t/d. The rapid growth of Eridania during the first half of the century involved more than twenty-five brand new sugar mills, ethanol distilleries and yeast factories. The old Codigoro sugar mill was constantly updated, differently from many of the same age which were alienated or dismantled. Several improvements in early 1950s increased the overall capacity from the prewar 1400 t/d to 2400 t/d (1957) and, later, 3000 t/d . However, the new management of Eridania - i.e. the entrepreneur Attilio Monti, from 1966 - decided to invest in new factories rather than updating ancient ones. The Codigoro sugar mill was then closed in 1974.