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sugar mill / Porto Tolle / 1924 - 1986 / 2009, 2013


This sugar mill was built in 1924 by an independent company called Zuccherificio "Delta Po". As the name suggests, the factory was located within the Po river delta, a fertile agricultural region very suitable for beet cultivation. At the time, the sugar mill was among the largest in the country with a beet processing capacity of 1800 t/d. The complex, which included an alcohol distillery and a private loading dock, was supplied through a long aerial ropeway passing over the river. In 1965 the factory was taken over by SIIZ-Società Italiana per l'Industria degli Zuccheri and largely updated. Beet handling was completely automated and a new big limekiln was installed, while the ropeway was replaced by a truck-on-ferry service. The 1984 national sugar plan (Piano Bieticolo Saccarifero) envisaged the withdrawal of several factories in the region, Porto Tolle included. After being taken over by ISI-Industria Saccarifera Italiana in 1986 the site was closed.