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Marcello Modica (b. Milan, 1987) is an urban planner focused on transitional landscapes, currently research assistant and doctoral candidate at the Technical University of Munich, Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscapes. Always deeply fascinated with industrial ruins, over the years he has gradually developed a systematic research of former industrial sites characterized by the direct experience of the place and its documentation through photography. The resulting archive is published – and constantly updated – on this website. The aim is to preserve and disclose the visual memory of the industrial age, while encouraging a (more) positive look at places often neglected and far from being considered as heritage.

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Books: Paraboloidi. Un Patrimonio dimenticato dell'architettura moderna (co-editor Francesca Santarella), Edifir, 2015.

Works published on: Patrimonio Industriale 7/2011, IndustrieKulturFotografie 2011 + 2013, Industriekultur 2/2012, Llámpara Patrimonio Industrial 5/2012, Urbanistica 152/2014, AUDIS 2015, Territorio 81/2017.

Interviews: Patrimonio Industriale 6/2010, Vanity Fair Italia 2016, METAL Magazine 2018.

Invited speaker/lecturer at: Università degli Studi di Genova 03/2008, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milano 12/2008, 13° Biennale di Architettura di Venezia 09/2012, NovarArchitettura 09/2013, Cartiera di Vas 06/2015, Palazzo Montecitorio 10/2016.

Main exhibitions: Nice 2006, Firenze 2007, Solbiate Olona 2009, Milano 2012, Busto Arsizio 2012, Terni 2013, Napoli 2013, Torino 2013.